Learn a language over lunch

Choose from one of ten languages and learn a language at lunch-time! Staff and students can choose from Arabic Beginners, Classical Greek Beginners, Dutch Beginners, French Beginners, German Beginners, Italian Beginners, Japanese Beginners, Mandarin Chinese Beginners, Portuguese Beginners and Spanish Beginners. The cost is £65.00 for 12 weeks. There is more information about these and evening courses on the Lifelong Learning website.


    1. Hi Emily,

      There’s a page about Arabic evening courses that may help. There is a stage 1c class running from 23rd April for 10 weeks, but at the moment that’s the only course planned before October. However, if you are interested in starting stage 1a, please fill in the form on that page as if there is enough demand then another course could run.

      Alternatively, you may be able to study Arabic via the Southampton Language Opportunity in the next academic year, either separately or as part of your degree course.

      Hope this helps!


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