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Día de los Muertos – the Mexican Day of the Dead

There has been an altar celebrating the Day of the Dead at the Avenue Campus at the University of Southampton each year for a number of years. This year is no exception.

In Mexico, the festivities which, despite the name, celebrate life, start on 28 October and end with a national holiday on 2 November (see Guardian article for some of the background to this tradition). Over the two weeks that the altar is on display at the Avenue Campus, schools will be visiting the altar to learn more about the tradition and learn some Spanish. Some learning materials are also being developed with Routes into Languages funding so that more young students can learn about the event even if they cannot visit the University.

This year the festival coincides with Mexico week at the University, a week-long series of activities to promote and share contemporary Mexican artistic, cultural and social activities.

The altar can be visited at the Avenue Campus until 9 November.

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