Resource banks on technology

Nic Peachey has recently compiled a set of resource banks for English Language teachers. Here is an extract about them from the recent British Council ELTECS newsletter:

“Over the past the past two years I have been busy collecting and curating two resources banks for EL teachers.

The first is a collection of links to Educational Technology and ELT articles from around the internet. There are now over 1000 of what I consider to be some of the most up to date and informative articles on this topic.

The second is a collection of links to web based tools which can be used to help learners develop their language abilities and digital literacties. There are now links to more than 400 of the most useful free tools.

More recently I have also started collecting links to commercial tools for language teachers and language development.
I hope to use this resource as a way to help and advise teachers thinking of investing in tools, apps or software to support their learners.”

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