Next TNS Seminar: Art, Identity and Migration – The Spielberg Question

The next TNS seminar will be taking place from 5.00-6.30pm on Wednesday 29th January 2014 on the Avenue Campus, Building 65, Room 1145. David Glasser, Executive Chair and Sarah MacDougall, Eva Frankfurther Curatorial Fellow for the Study of Émigré Artists of Ben Uri Gallery & Museum in London will lead a discussion on their museum’s shift of the traditional paradigm to address the following:

In our 2014 daily diet of xenophobia, we see political parties led by those privileged with high intellect and fine educations compete with each other over the ghosts of the immigrant shadowing us during the day and resting awake under our beds at night all with the intention of taking our jobs, living well off of our taxes and changing the culture of what being (19th century) British is all about.

What role do museums in contemporary society and culture have to play? Is this role qualitative or quantitative?

After presenting their research, the speakers will be happy to take audience questions. All welcome!

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