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Next TNS Seminar: Working with Popular Culture: The Case of Brazil

The next Centre for Transnational Studies (TNS) seminar will be taking place at 5:00pm on Wednesday 26th March 2014 in Lecture Theatre A, Building 65, Avenue Campus. The session will be led by Paris-based film director Cesar Paes and Dr Mark Dinneen from the University of Southampton.

Here is a summary of the event:
Please join us for the screening of the film Saudade do Futuro (2001), in the presence of its Brazilian-born director Cesar Paes from Laterit film productions, Paris, about the lives and traditional songs of migrants from the poor Brazilian North East who seek a better life in the modern city of the south, Sao Paulo.

After the screening Cesar will answer questions, followed by a joint discussion with Mark Dinneen about the role of popular cultural forms and traditional cultural practices in the migrants’ negotiation of life in the modern urban environment. How do we understand the process of constant change that dramatically transforms the production, dissemination and consumption of popular culture, and is it still appropriate to refer to these practices as ‘popular’?

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