English as a Medium for Administration (EMA) course delegate interviewed about her experiences

Monica Roth from Malmö UniversityMonica Roth from Malmö University, Sweden, who attended the ‘English as a Medium for Administration’ (EMA) week-long course at the University of Southampton last month, has been interviewed about the role of English in her institution and her experiences at Southampton.

Here is the interview:

Can you tell us a little bit about Malmö University and the internationalisation agenda?
It was founded in 1998, has 5 different faculties, 1,500 staff and 25,000 students; 1,800 of which come from 100 countries around the world. Malmö students also have the opportunity to study abroad in one of our 240 partner universities around the world. With international student numbers increasing, many courses being delivered in English and our international staff, Malmö University is a true international player in higher education.

What is the role played by English?
Many of our courses are delivered in English, our university publicity is in English and students can choose to write their assignments in Swedish or in English. English is key for Malmö University to have an international presence in higher education and this is why my colleagues and I attended the EMA course. We want to offer the best service possible to our international staff and students and thus contribute to our university’s international success.

What did you think of the EMA course?
Teachers at the University of Southampton have listened to our needs and created a bespoke course which answered all our expectations. They adjusted the course and their teaching to exactly what we wanted, and we are very thankful for this. Some of us were quite nervous before coming but the experience has boosted our confidence enormously and we have lots of plans to keep up the momentum once we are back in Malmö. I feel sorry for colleagues who could not come with us this time but I will recommend that they attend this course in the future. We learnt so much and it was so much fun! We absolutely loved it!

Information about the next English Medium course at the University of Southampton can be found on the Modern Languages website and the events page of the Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS) website.

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