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Critical skills and strategies for language learning workshop

Language and Academic Advising

Language learners at the University of Southampton, in particular Modern Languages students, are invited to participate in a 45-minute workshop on the development of skills and strategies for independent language learning. There are two repeat workshops taking place on Tuesday 3 March 17:00-17:45, Building 65, Room 1097, and Wednesday 4 March 14:00-14:45, Building 65, Room 1177.

Hosted by Kassie Cigliana from the Language and Academic Advising team in Modern Languages, the workshop will help students to consider their own learning styles and learning needs, and discover the principles of ‘good’ language learning. Students of all language backgrounds and ability levels are welcome. To book your place, visit and select ‘Future Sessions’.

Here is the abstract for the workshop:

This workshop will focus on the development of critical skills and strategies for independent second/foreign language study based on individual student needs and learning styles. The presentation will first consider the notion of ‘good’ language learning as it has been historically understood, and then discuss how academic understanding of effective language-learning practice has developed henceforth. Students will discover not only a variety of means through which to study language, but also how to consider their own learning goals and learning style in choosing the most effective strategies for their needs. While no specific second/foreign languages will be addressed, strategies will be suggested for learners of all levels and advice on how to seek further guidance will be given.

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4 Responses to Critical skills and strategies for language learning workshop

  1. SP says:

    I would really like to attend the Wednesday workshop at 17:00 but the website unfortunately doesn’t load. Is there someone I can email to book me in, please?

    Many thanks!

  2. Andrew Davey says:

    Hi Chloe and Jordan,

    Sorry you’ve had problems – I’ve sent details to ServiceLine to see if they can find the cause. In the meantime I’ve forwarded your details to the session organiser and she’s manually booking you both in.

    Kind regards,


  3. Jordan Roberts says:

    I would like to attend the Wednesday 2pm session but the website is not accessible to make the booking.

    I have tried to access the site on two occasions now. Please make it easier to book a place on a website that is available next time.

    Kind regards,


  4. Chloe Connolly says:

    Hi, I’m trying to book onto the Critical skills and strategies for language learning workshop but the link will not open on my computer. How can I make it work or can I book up via emial? Thank you, Chloe Connolly