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The Southampton Language Exchange

The Southampton Language Exchange

Photograph by Katie Uniacke

The Southampton Language Exchange was started by two postgraduate students in January. Since then, with the help of LangSoc and Erasmus, the numbers have rapidly increased. Every Tuesday over 100 people from all over the world get together in The Bridge from 7:30pm onwards to practice their languages and make new friends.

The founders of this event have now set up a free online platform that enables people in Southampton to connect with each other to find a ‘tandem’ buddy, to meet up with to exchange languages, for example meeting for a coffee or lunch and speaking for half an hour in English and half an hour in German, or half an hour in Spanish and half an hour in Arabic… the possibilities are endless! This is not restricted to students but is open to anyone in the Southampton area that is keen to improve their language skills. This is Southampton’s first website of this kind and it is still expanding, so please check back regularly if you can’t currently find a tandem partner for a specific language!

For updates on forthcoming events and to get involved, please see the following websites:
Southampton Language Exchange Online Platform
Southampton Language Exchange Facebook Group
University of Southampton Languages Society on Twitter

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