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Reflections of a recent graduate

Rebecca GreagsbyToday’s blog post was written by Rebecca Greagsby, who graduated from Modern Languages last year and is now the Leadership Assistant at Shirley Parish Church in Southampton.

I graduated with BA Spanish Linguistics from the University of Southampton in July 2015, and I was not sure what I wanted to do after I finished university. During my four years, I was privileged to receive great teaching from wonderful professors; moulded to develop communication and linguistic skills in language classes; and also trained in using analytical and investigation skills in linguistic, cultural and history modules. The daunting yet exciting adventure of a year abroad helped me to adapt to new situations and cultures and integrate with different groups of people from many different countries.

The great thing about being a languages student is that there are so many options of what to do after your degree. I am now working for a church where I use many of the skills that my degree has prepared me for – I regularly speak publicly, study the bible and books related to it and I meet dozens of new people every week. I am thankful for the four years I spent studying languages because I have acquired skills that are not only aiding me in my current job, but they will see me through the rest of my working life.

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