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Italian film showing today: Si accettano miracoli / We Accept Miracles (Alessandro Siani, 2015)

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The Italian film, Si accettano miracoli / We Accept Miracles (Alessandro Siani, 2015) (103 minutes, in Italian with English subtitles) will be showing in Lecture Theatre B, Avenue Campus, at 6.30pm on Monday 14th March 2016. Review, introduction and discussion by Leonardo Provvedi. All welcome! This is the last film of the season, so the discussion will take place over nibbles and drinks. You can bring some finger food or something to drink, but it is not a must. The trailer for this film can be viewed on YouTube.

Questa è una simpatica commedia napoletana. Fulvio (Alessandro Siani) è il vice-direttore di una importante azienda, dove licenzia senza scrupoli fino a quando anche lui viene a sua volta licenziato e per reazione aggredisce il direttore. Dopo l’arresto e un breve periodo in carcere, viene affidato a suo fratello Don Germano, parroco del piccolo paesino di Rocca di Sotto. La parrocchia però è in crisi e rischia di chiudere per mancanza di fondi. Fulvio allora ha un’idea: per attirare pellegrini e turisti, inventa un falso miracolo e fa piangere alla statua di San Tommaso lacrime finte. La situazione economica migliora ma, quando al Vaticano giunge la notizia dei miracoli, al paesino arrivano dei vescovi per verificarne l’autenticità. Riuscirà Fulvio a evitare che l’inganno venga scoperto?

This film is a charming Neapolitan comedy. Fulvio, the deputy director of a big company, has the task of ruthlessly sacking employees, until one day he too loses his job, and his temper. After assaulting his boss he is arrested, spends some time in prison and then is told that his brother, Don Germano, must take him under his wing. He is the parish priest of a village hit by serious financial troubles. The church is on the verge of having to close and Fulvio has an idea: he decides to attract pilgrims and tourists to the village by faking a miracle. He finds a way of making the statue of San Tommaso cry. This works wonders and things soon improve, but when the Vatican finds out about the “miracles” they decide to send some bishops to investigate these. Will Fulvio manage to keep his deception from being exposed?

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