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Online course off to a good start!

Get Ready for Southampton

Get Ready for Southampton is a free pre-arrival online course for all prospective University of Southampton international students. It has run every summer for the past five years and draws over 2000 student participants each year. This year’s course has got off to a flying start and there are already almost 500 students based in 74 countries in the course. Students meet and make friends; learn about life for students in the city of Southampton and at the University, find out about the academic culture of a British university and what to expect when they begin their studies. This year, discussion has started between international students in the same part of the world; who are applying for the same programme of study and those exchanging tips on applying for visas. Social media contact details are being exchanged for contact off-course too.

For more information about the online course look at: https://www.elanguages.ac.uk/get_ready_for_southampton.php. If you are an international student thinking about study at the University of Southampton and would like to join the course, please send an email to elang1@soton.ac.uk.

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