Centre for Global Englishes seminar: “Intercultural Perspectives on Internationalising Universities”


The first Centre for Global Englishes (CGE) seminar of the new semester will take place on Friday 14th October 2016 from 5-6:30pm in Lecture Theatre C, Building 65, Avenue Campus. The talk is entitled “Intercultural Perspectives on Internationalising Universities” and will be delivered by Dr Tony Young from Newcastle University. All welcome!

Here is the abstract for this seminar:
More than four million people are now studying in Higher Education (HE) institutions outside their country of origin, and many thousands of ‘international’ academic staff work in our universities worldwide. ‘Internationalisation’ in HE has been framed both as this phenomenon of global mobility and as the institutional response to it. This response was until recently dominated, especially in the global west, by neo-liberal state and institutional discourses around internationalisation’s contribution to fee income generation and world rankings of reputation. This may now be changing, with a greater interest, at least among researchers, in internationalisation as a lingua-cultural educational phenomenon. This talk will explore the extent to which this change is actually happening, and the role that intercultural perspectives – broadly defined, and often contested – are playing in exploring it.

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