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The 12 Apps of Christmas

12 Apps

Students and staff with an interest in the uses of mobile technologies for learning and teaching may be interested in registering for the award winning 12-day online project, The 12 Apps of Christmas, which is now back for its third year. This initiative focuses on exploring 12 mobile apps, which can help students to personalise their learning and educators to support them to do so. Participants are introduced to a different app each day, over 12 weekdays (for approximately 12 minutes a day), starting on 1st December 2016. This year, the course is a collaborative effort and educators from Ireland, UK and America have come together to produce 12 case studies, each showcasing a different mobile app with descriptions of how they have integrated it into their own learning, teaching and assessment practices.

Find out more and register on The 12 Apps of Christmas website. You can also tweet any questions using the hashtag #12appsDIT.

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