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Public lecture: Migrants and Refugees in Europe

Public Lecture

Dr Scott Soo from Modern Languages at the University of Southampton will be speaking at a public lecture on the theme of ‘Migrants and Refugees in Europe’, taking place on Thursday 8th December 2016 at 5:45pm, Building 54/4011, Highfield Campus. His talk is entitled ‘Refugee Camps and their Legacy: France and the Spanish Civil War Exiles’. Also speaking at this event are Professor David Owen (Department of Politics and International Relations), on ‘What Makes a Refugee Crisis?’ and Dr Hedvig Schmidt (Southampton Law School), whose talk is entitled ‘The Free Movement Rights for Migrants and Refugees under EU Law’.

Refreshments will be provided after the event and there will be the opportunity to speak to the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group who befriend and support asylum seekers and refugees in the Southampton area. The tickets are free but everyone who would like to come needs to register on Eventbrite.

Here are some further details about this event:

The unfolding refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe has laid bare how European states and publics relate to people in desperate circumstances when they are from a country that is not their own. European states have tried to find ways to cope with the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, either by agreeing on a number they will take on, by closing border and building fences, or by criminalising those fleeing, or just focusing on people smugglers, rather than supporting those whose rights are violated on a massive scale. The public, meanwhile, is either misinformed by biased tabloid press or by organisations suggesting that handouts are the solution. Key questions emerge about how to address the influx of refugees, asylum-seekers and economic migrants in Europe. What are the responsibilities of European governments and societies in relation to the refugee crisis? How can the refugee/migrant crisis be better tackled? What alternative solutions exist? What are most effective legal and policy interventions that can protect the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe? What can history teach us about past refugee/migrant crisis and how European societies dealt with them? These are some of the crucial questions that this public lecture will attempt to tackle.

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