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Italian film showing today: Perfetti sconosciuti / Perfect Strangers (Paolo Genovese, 2016)

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The Italian film, Perfetti sconosciuti / Perfect Strangers (Paolo Genovese, 2016) (97 minutes, English subtitles) will be showing in Lecture Theatre B, Avenue Campus, at 6.30pm on Monday 6th February 2017. Review, introduction and discussion by by Suad Abdel Aziz Rodriguez (final year BA Modern Languages student in Spanish, French and Italian). All welcome! The trailer for this film can be viewed on YouTube.

Questo film parla di come la tecnologia influenza le nostre vite e come siamo tutti dipendenti dai nostri telefonini che spesso contengono informazioni molto private. Un gruppo di sette amici si incontra una sera per cenare e guardare un’eclissi lunare. Qualcuno suggerisce un “gioco”: ognuno mette il proprio telefonino sul tavolo così, se qualcuno riceve un messaggio o una chiamata, tutti possono vedere chi chiama e cosa vogliono. All’inizio sono tutti titubanti, ma poi si convincono a malincuore. I loro segreti piano piano iniziano a svelarsi e le loro emozioni si manifestano … Ci saranno sicuramente delle sorprese. Questi amici si conoscono veramente?

This is a film about how technology affects our lives. It shows how we are glued to our ‘modern boxes’ and how much we all depend on our mobile phones, which usually contain very private information. A group of seven friends meet up for dinner to watch the eclipse of the moon. A suggestion is made for everyone to place their phones on the table and, if someone texts or calls them, the whole group can see who it is and what they want. At the beginning not everyone seems happy about this ‘game’; however, they all decide they have to join in, and the secrets start to come out… As the film develops more and more emotions escape. Will there be any surprises? Do they really know each other?

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  1. Chris Phillipson says:

    I’m learning Italian on line and at a small weekly class at an Italian restaurant. Are these film nights open to general public and, if so, do we need to book?