Next TNS seminar: ‘Linguistics, Ethnography and Identities’


Professor Ben Rampton from King’s College London will be speaking at the next Centre for Transnational Studies seminar taking place on 21st June 2017 from 4-6pm in Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus. The seminar, entitled ‘Linguistics, Ethnography and Identities’, will begin with a 20-25 minute presentation which will be followed by an open discussion.

Professor Ben Rampton’s work involves ethnographic and interactional discourse analysis, cross-referring to work in anthropology, sociology, cultural and security studies. His publications focus on language in relation to urban multilingualism, youth, popular culture, ethnicities, class, (in)securitisation, education, second language learning, and research methodology.

For further details about this event, please visit the Modern Languages and Linguistics website.

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