Next TNS seminar: ‘On Cultural Transnationalisms: The case of World(-)literatures in Portuguese’


Dr Emanuelle Santos from the University of Birmingham will be speaking at the next Centre for Transnational Studies seminar taking place on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 from 5-6:30pm in Room 1177, Avenue Campus. The seminar is entitled ‘On Cultural Transnationalisms: The case of World(-)literatures in Portuguese’. Here is the abstract:

The resurface and resignification of the concept of World Literature in the beginning of the current century has certainly infused some new blood to the field of Comparative Literature. As the strong colours of the postcolonial critical paradigm lose appeal and prestige among funding agencies and academics, the paradigm of World Literature/World-Literature rises with its comforting image of a literature of the world as one, albeit uneven. As such, World(-)literature dislocates Comparative Literature’s focus from coloniality and hegemony, drawing attention to circulation and border-crossing, enabling potentially problematic frames of comparison. Drawing from the case study of the circulation of the literatures of Portuguese-speaking Africa within and beyond the Portuguese-speaking world, this paper aims at questioning the potential of World(-)Literature as a productive critical paradigm from which to reconsider the world as one.

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