New Italian film season starts on Monday 5th February!

Below is our next Italian Film Season programme. We start again on Monday 5th February and we have another wonderful selection of films that cover different genres and subjects. The films worth highlighting are:
Le confessioni / The Confessions (Roberto Andò, 2016): this unusual drama takes place during an imaginary G8 summit, so the characters are all from different countries (the leaders of the 8 member countries and, strangely enough, also a musician, a fiction writer and a monk), and consequently the dialogue is in different languages. This, together with its intriguing plot, makes this thriller drama a most interesting and novel type of film.
L’arbitro / The Referee (Paolo Zucca, 2013): this is a rather charming love story that also covers the very topical subject of corruption in the world of sport. It is beautifully filmed and is unusual for contemporary cinema since it is in black and white. We are lucky because we have managed to contact the director who will be introducing his film to us via Skype from Sardinia.
Profondo rosso / Deep Red (Dario Argento, 1975): Emilio Audissino, our loyal film scholar who has been introducing films to us via Skype for a few years now, has chosen to surprise us all with a “giallo thriller”.

All our films are introduced in Italian by a tutor, a student or a guest speaker and are followed by a brief discussion (in Italian and English). Most of our films have English subtitles but some, the ones marked with an asterisk, have Italian subtitles. A few days before each film showing, we will be sending you an email reminder with a review, in Italian and in English, of each film featured in this Italian film season.

Italian film programme for Spring 2018

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