Italian film showing on Monday 10th December – Divorzio all’italiana – Divorce Italian Style

Italian flagWe are pleased to invite you to the next film of our Italy through its films series, featuring Divorzio all’italiana – Divorce Italian Style (Pietro Germi, 1961).

Join us on Monday 10th December, in Lecture Theatre B at Avenue Campus at 6:15pm. The film looks at the “persistence of antiquated and stubborn moral and social codes (the honour of the Latin male) in the face of situations in which they have become hopelessly outdated: Don Ferdinando Cefalù cannot stand his wife but instead of demanding the modernisation of local custom and of the law (divorce was only legalized in Italy in the 1970s) he prefers to adopt a hypocritical respect for tradition (legislation on crimes of passion goes back to the Fascist era and was not repealed until the 1980s) and settle with the status quo. The all’italiana of the title, therefore, refers to the co-presence of backwardness and modernity, each of which are exploited by the characters when it suits them.” (From: Directory of World Cinema: Italy, edited by Louis Bayman, Intellect Books Ltd, 2012. ProQuest Ebook Central,

There is also a critique of the film by Elena Gipponi.

Pre-screening introduction and post-showing discussion in English, all welcome, free entry.

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