Next CLLEAR talk: Findings from GECO: The Ghent Eye-tracking Corpus of Monolinguals and Bilinguals Reading an Entire Novel

CLLEARThe next Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR) talk will take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 4:30pm in Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus (Building 65). The talk is entitled “Findings from GECO: The Ghent Eye-tracking Corpus of Monolinguals and Bilinguals Reading an Entire Novel” and will be delivered by Denis Drieghe from University of Southampton. All welcome!

Here is the abstract for this talk:
Up until recently, models of eye movements during reading almost exclusively focused on monolingual reading, even though most people are bilinguals. Relatively few studies examined eye movements in bilinguals and even less had a focus on sentence processing. Those few studies that did look at reading in a second language (L2) examined eye movements on a single embedded target word without taking into account changes in global eye movement behaviour that L2 reading might entail. In my talk I will present GECO (Ghent Eye-tracking COrpus), the freely available monolingual (English) and bilingual (Dutch- English) eye-tracking corpus of participants reading a complete novel (56,000 words). The aim of this project is to establish a more comprehensive description of eye movement behaviour in bilingual reading. We collected this large-scale data corpus from 14 English monolinguals and 19 Dutch (L1) / English (L2) unbalanced bilinguals of intermediate to high L2 proficiency who read the entire novel while their eye movements were being tracked (Bilinguals read half in Dutch, half in English). In this talk, I will present descriptive statistics of reading time measures for first-language (L1) and second-language (L2) reading. I will also present analyses of frequency, neighbourhood size and cognate effects for L1 and L2 sentence reading.

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