Welcome to the Languages at Southampton blog!

This blog offers information and announcements of upcoming events, and will also include occasional posts from students and Language Advisers on how to make the most out of your learning in Modern Languages at the university.students

At the University of Southampton we have a huge array of options for language learners both at the university and in the local community. From classes taken alongside a degree to dedicated evening sessions, we offer something for everyone. And now, with the uTalk app, Southampton students have access to hundreds of languages at their fingertips.

Our official site has all the information that you need to get into language learning at Southampton:

If you are a student who wants to learn a language in your spare time, you are looking for Student Language Opportunities;

If you are not a student, and would like to look into language lessons at the university then check out Lifelong Learning for a list of our available languages;

Finally, if you would like to add a language to your degree then here is some information about Minors.

Most of our classes are held at our Avenue Campus, where we house a large collection of films, books and magazines in various languages.

For directions follow Google Maps.