Modern Languages project highlighted in new film release

This Friday sees the launch of “To say goodbye”: an animated documentary film based on the Spanish Civil War oral histories of “Los Niños”, which will have its premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival on 28th September. This film highlights the significant work of Alicia Pozo-Gutierrez from the Department of Modern Languages and others involved in this project. See the film website for more details.

New academic year, new language?

Why not start a new language this year and add to your employability? You can take a language module as an option through the Curriculum Innovation programme – choose from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. To find out more, follow the Curriculum Innovation or Language Module links…

BBC World Service news in 33 languages

News and analysis from around the world can be accessed online in English and 32 different other languages from the BBC World Service website. The written news reports and audio files can be accessed via PC or mobile devices, including smartphones, and saved locally for you to use again. Use these resources if you want to receive up to date news in your own language or if you want to improve a language you are learning by following news and current affairs from different regions.

Learn English with the BBC World Service

The BBC World Service offers a whole range of English language learning materials online. Learning English pages contain, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation activities alongside interactive quizzes, news and current affairs and the site’s long-lived soap cartoon, Flat Mates, which lets the audience decide the story-line. Use the site too for specialist areas such as business or sport-based language and to acquire a phrase a day.

Learn a language over lunch

Choose from one of ten languages and learn a language at lunch-time! Staff and students can choose from Arabic Beginners, Classical Greek Beginners, Dutch Beginners, French Beginners, German Beginners, Italian Beginners, Japanese Beginners, Mandarin Chinese Beginners, Portuguese Beginners and Spanish Beginners. The cost is £65.00 for 12 weeks. There is more information about these and evening courses on the Lifelong Learning website.

Celebrate linguistic diversity

Did you know that there are between 6000 and 7000 languages in the world – spoken by six billion people divided into 189 independent states? Discover interesting facts about languages and evaluate your own language skills) on the Council of Europe’s European Day of Languages (EDL) website. EDL activities take place around Europe each year on the 26th September.

Welcome to Languages at Southampton

Are you interested in learning a new language or improving one that you have learnt before? At Southampton, you have a wide choice of languages to learn and ways to learn them. You can study them as part of your degree, in a social group, through a Lifelong Learning class or independently, using the University’s language learning resources. This portal will link you to all you need to find out what’s going on in languages at Southampton, as well as national and international language-related news.

Language teaching and learning at Southampton is coordinated by the Centre for Language Study within the Department for Modern Languages. This site is maintained by the eLanguages team.