Ab initio language courses for new Modern Languages students

Modern Languages

New Modern Languages students may be interested in our accelerated ab initio language courses in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish which, assuming you start in year 1 and continue throughout your degree, may allow you to reach graduate level by the end of your degree course in your new language.

On some of our BA degree programmes, doing this will give you the opportunity to spend your year abroad in the country where this new language is spoken. The year aboard, wherever you decide to go, will be an important part of your experience. This short video was created to show students the benefits of studying Italian and spending their year abroad in Italy.

Guardian reports on success of Southampton ab initio language programmes

The Guardian has reported on the growing number of ab initio language programmes now offered by UK universities, helping to counteract the decline in Modern Languages study at A-level and GCSE level. The article highlights, in particular, Southampton’s success in appealing to linguists with its well-established ab initio programmes, which allow linguists who have taken just one language at A-level to still opt to study for a joint honours degree in languages, starting the second language from scratch at the beginning of their degree programme.

To read the article in full, visit the Guardian website.