Next CLLEAR seminar: Aspirations of youth, English for future life plans in a school in Catalonia

CLLEARThe next Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR) seminar will take place on Wednesday 13th February 2019 at 4pm in Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus (Building 65). The talk is entitled “Aspirations of youth, English for future life plans in a school in Catalonia” and will be delivered by Adriana Patino-Santos from Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton. All welcome!

Here is the abstract for this seminar:
The implementation of English as the language of instruction to teach content, usually referred to as Content and Language Integrated Language (CLIL) programmes, is changing the lives of teachers and students alike in Spain, as they deal with a set of issues related to new forms of teaching content though their second and, in the case of Catalonia, third language. Complementing my previous research on the portrayal of liberal selves among CLIL teachers in Catalonia (Codó & Patiño-Santos 2018), this presentation explores the narratives of secondary school students who attend these programmes. Through ‘life project stories’ (du Bois-Reymond 1998) and contrasted with ethnographic information, I aim to give an account of the ways in which a group of youngsters navigate social relations and imagine future plans under the new circumstances imposed by language policies that aim to neoliberalise the Catalan education system (Martinez & Albaiges Blasi 2013). ‘Generation’, even though a debatable concept within the sociology of youth (Furlong 2013), will be brought into the discussion to show how the ways in which young people engage with English in their daily lives signal an important ongoing generational shift in Spain, product of a set of recent traumatic collective events.

Upcoming Modern Languages/CLLEAR seminars


Modern Languages and the Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR) are pleased to be hosting a visit from Dr. Elisabet Pladevall Baluster from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in July, who will be offering two seminars focusing on bilingualism and on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The first seminar will take place on Tuesday 26th July at 4pm (65/1095) and is entitled “L1 Use and Focus on Form in a co-taught CLIL programme”. The second seminar will take place on Thursday 28th July at 4pm (65/1097) and is entitled “Developmental asynchrony in the acquisition of subject properties in child L2 English and Spanish”. Read more…

New ‘CLIL’ MOOC launched

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has launched a four-week MOOC running from 4 May to 8 June 2015 for anyone interested in learning to create content-rich lessons using Clilstore, a dedicated CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) authoring tool.

For further details about the MOOC, including a description of its content, and information on how to sign up, visit the UPV website.

British Council event for the European Day of Languages

The British Council is organising an evening event on 26 September on the European Day of Languages to celebrate language diversity and language learning in UK schools.

‘Every learner a language learner, every teacher a language teacher’ will be an occasion for a primary school and a secondary school with outstanding practice in EAL, MFL, CLIL and community languages to share with us their approach and work in these areas and to demonstrate how it greatly benefits their learners.

The presentations will be followed by group discussions as well as by a plenary discussion and an opportunity for networking.

Speakers will include Judith Woodfield from Bordesley Green Girls’ School in Birmingham, Noel O’Neill and John Carney from St Austin’s Primary School in Liverpool, Jim Anderson from Goldsmiths University, Bernadette Holmes from Speak to the Future and Amy Thompson from NALDIC.

You can register to attend virtually here.