Research centres event on Wednesday 20th March: “Perspectives on the concept of the ‘native speaker'”

Research centresThe next seminar, which combines speakers from four of our research centres, will be held on Wednesday 20th March from 4-5:30pm in Lecture Theatre C at Avenue Campus (Building 65). The seminar is entitled “Perspectives on the concept of the ‘native speaker'” and will be presented by a range of staff from the department. All staff and students are welcome for what will be a lively session!

Here is the abstract for the seminar:
Over recent decades, the notion of the ’native speaker’ has been much discussed and often contested in applied and socio-linguistics. In this cross-centres seminar, speakers from our four research centres, CGE, CLLEAR, MeXsu and TNS will each present their own approach to the notion, and the seminar will then be opened up to the audience for comment and discussion. The speakers are Rob Baird and Sonia Morán Panero representing CGE, Laura Dominguez representing CLLEAR, and Clare Mar-Molinero representing both MeXsu and TNS.

SIGLTA meeting on Thursday 10th May: Round table discussion: Integrated Language Testing

You are cordially invited to attend the Special Interest Group in Language Testing and Assessment (SIGLTA) meeting. This time, we are delighted to host a round table discussion with three specialists on language testing, Carolyn Westbrook from The British Council and Alex Thorp and Mark Griffiths from Trinity College, London. SIGLTA is supported postgraduate student-led reading/research group from the Faculty of Humanities. The meeting is at 18:00-19:30 on Thursday 10/05/2018 in Lecture Theatre A, Avenue Campus (building 65).

Abstract: Nowadays, there is an ever-increasing focus on integrated tests, because these are considered to ‘reflect authenticity of task and response’ (Pearson Language Tests, 2010). However, integrated testing is not without its issues. This Round Table on Integrated Assessment will investigate some of the issues around integrated skills testing and will look at practical ways in which skills can be tested in an integrated way. We will also consider how we can integrate language teaching with language testing and then we will open up the floor for discussion and contributions from the audience.

The speakers:
Carolyn Westbrook (Test Development Researcher | British Council): Considerations / issues in integrated testing; discrete vs integrated testing
Alex Thorp (Lead Academic-Language-Europe | Trinity College London): What does it mean to test in an integrated way?
Mark Griffiths (Academic Consultant | Trinity College London): Integrating language teaching with language testing.