Modern Languages offers Lifelong Learning intensive summer courses

Modern Languages

Lifelong Learning at the University of Southampton has announced that it will be offering a 15-hour intensive language programme this summer, which will take place over five evenings between Monday 27th June and Wednesday 15th July, between 18:00 and 21:00.

The course is aimed at those with no prior knowledge of the language, and will focus on skills required in a range of everyday situations. The course will also provide useful cultural information for tourists and business travellers, and is well suited to those who will be visiting the country, or who wish to try learning a language before registering for a longer course. This year, the languages on offer are: Russian, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and French.

For further details about the courses, visit the Lifelong Learning website, and to book your place, visit the Online Store.

Book your intensive language summer course now!

Don’t forget to book your place on one of this year’s University of Southampton Lifelong Learning Modern Languages intensive summer courses before the booking deadline of 19 June. Courses are 15 hours in total. They are aimed at learners with no knowledge of the language, and are particularly useful for those who need the skills to survive in the country in different everyday situations.

Visit the Lifelong Learning website for further details about the courses, and information on how to book your place.