Latin revived through cathedral courses

The Guardian has reported on an increase in the study of Latin through the introduction of classes in UK cathedrals. According to the article, the classes have “tapped into an unexpected enthusiasm for resuscitating a subject that many have considered to be “dead as dead can be”.” To read the article in full, visit the Guardian website.

Free language courses for Southampton students

Southampton Language Opportunity

The Southampton Language Opportunity is offering a new range of language courses for students in the new academic year, giving students the chance to learn a language free of charge alongside their degree.

The classes do not offer a formal qualification or provide credits, but are ideal for those wanting to start a new language or polish up on previous skills. Languages being offered from October 2015 include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, and Polish. Students will be able to book onto courses during Freshers’ Week.

To find out more, visit the Southampton Language Opportunity website.

Why not study Latin next year?


Thinking about which modules to take next year? If you’re a current or prospective Modern Languages student, why not consider Latin as one of your modules. The Latin module is a 15 credit beginner’s course, which can be taken in any year (other modules allowing). It offers a number of potential benefits to Modern Languages students: development of analytical language skills, learning to make the most of dictionaries and handbooks, deepened understanding of Romance language vocabulary, development of puzzle solving skills, enhanced understanding of Western culture and literature. It is also great fun!

For further information about the module, visit the Modern Languages website.

New academic year, new language?

Why not start a new language this year and add to your employability? You can take a language module as an option through the Curriculum Innovation programme – choose from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. To find out more, follow the Curriculum Innovation or Language Module links…