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British Academy report on ‘Multilingual Britain’

The British Academy has recently published its latest report entitled ‘Multilingual Britain’, produced in cooperation with Cumberland Lodge.

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Are poor language skills contributing to UK market failure?

The British Academy has published a comprehensive review entitled ‘Languages: the State of the Nation’, which suggests that a poor use of language skills in the UK is contributing to UK market failure.

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The most multilingual person in the European Commission

According to a European Commission memo issued to celebrate the European Day of Languages on the 26th September, Ioannis Ikonomou, who is a translator for the European Commission, speaks 32 languages. Ioannis was born in Irakleio, Crete. He studied linguistics at the University of Thessaloniki before pursuing an MA in Middle Eastern languages and cultures at Columbia University in the United States. Ioannis has worked for the Commission since 2002. He will be one of the speakers at this week’s ‘Multilingualism in Europe’ conference in Cyprus…

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