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10th anniversary LLAS e-learning symposium starts today!

The 10th LLAS e-learning symposium starts today at the University of Southampton. Keynote speakers will be live streamed and most talks during the event will be recorded and made available on the LLAS website after the event. The conference can be followed on Twitter @elearnLLAS and #elearnLLAS. Read more…

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Last chance to register for the University of Southampton e-learning symposium 2015!

Don’t forget to secure your place at the University of Southampton e-learning symposium 2015 before the registration deadline of Monday 19 January 2015! The 10th University of Southampton e-learning symposium, organised by the Centre for Language, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS), will take place at the University of Southampton from 22-23 January 2015.

To find out further information about this event, including details of keynote speakers and an event programme, visit the LLAS website.

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Language teachers – 2014 EUROCALL proceedings now available

Language teachers may be interested in reading these latest studies about technology in the context of language teaching. The articles from the 2014 EUROCALL (European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning) proceedings are now available in the form of an open e-publication as individual downloadable PDFs. The complete proceedings can also be purchased as a paperback.

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Modern Languages staff to participate in LangOER webinar

Kate Borthwick from Modern Languages will be amongst contributors to the upcoming LangOER webinar entitled ‘Open Educational Resources for less used languages in an increasingly digital everyday culture: What are the challenges and how will we tackle them?’, taking place on Friday 19th September from 2-3pm. The webinar aims to explore the status of Open Educational Resources (OER) in less used languages in Europe, discuss some current strategic projects working on OER and finally consider how OER can be used as a resource in the teaching and learning of languages.

Teachers and students interested in OER can sign up for free. Find out more about the webinar and how to sign up for live video streaming here. You can also follow the webinar on Twitter using the hashtag #LangOER.

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Modern Languages represented at 2014 Eurocall conference

Julie Watson and Kate Borthwick are amongst colleagues from Modern Languages attending the 2014 Eurocall conference, taking place from 20-23 August 2014 at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Julie’s presentation entitled ‘Sizing up the online course: adapting learning design to meet growing participant numbers’ will take place on the second day of the conference. Read more…

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The role of language and technologies in deaf culture

The BBC has recently published a blog post discussing some of the lesser-known aspects of deaf culture, focusing in particular on the role of sign language for deaf people, sign language varieties across the world and the role of technologies in helping people who are deaf.

To read the post in full, visit the BBC blog website.

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Brazilian language students learn English online with retirees

The Independent has reported on a scheme in a Brazilian language school, which is helping students to improve their English by linking up with elderly Americans online. Some unlikely friendships have developed between the young Brazilian learners and the American retirees, many of whom live lonely lives in retirement homes.

To find out more about the scheme, read the full article on the Independent website.

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Interview with David Crystal at the IATEFL conference

The PIE News interviewed David Crystal last week at the 2014 IATEFL conference on the subject of English as the world’s lingua franca now and in the future.

To read the interview in full, visit the PIE News website.

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Is it possible to learn a language with just a smartphone?

The Guardian has reported on the progress of an online language learning challenge that it recently launched, in which it is following the progress of a self-proclaimed ‘tech lover’ who is trying to learn Spanish using just a smartphone.

Find out more about the challenge on the Guardian website.

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Are Europe’s smaller languages at risk in the digital age?

The Guardian has published an article discussing how the internet and its technologies are eroding many languages, in particular in the Baltic countries, and asks what can be done about it.

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