Next CLLEAR seminar: The political economy of language education research (or the lack thereof): Nancy Fraser and the case of translanguaging

CLLEARThe next Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR) seminar will take place on Monday 10th December 2018 at 5pm in Room 3031, Building 7, Highfield Campus. Please note the change of day and time from usual. The talk is entitled “The political economy of language education research (or the lack thereof): Nancy Fraser and the case of translanguaging” and will be delivered by David Block Allen, ICREA Professor in Sociolinguistics from the Departament d’Anglès i Lingüística, Universitat de Lleida – Catalonia, Spain. All welcome!

Here is the abstract for this seminar:
This paper problematises the politics of language education research with regard to social injustice, which is not only cultural, but also material. Its starting position is that most language education research today is, following Nancy Fraser, recognition-oriented, in that it takes on culture and identity-based injustices such as racism, gender bias, religious bias and LGBTQ-phobia. It does not, however, have much to say about more economic and class-based injustices – redistribution issues – and it does not draw on the political economy literature essential to any attempt to explore such issues. The paper develops these arguments and then applies them to a specific area of language education research which has become popular in recent years, translanguaging. It concludes that while translanguaging research may deal with recognition issues, in particular ethnolinguistic racism, it is not likely to alter in any way the underlying the current capitalist order which is causing deep and profound damage to the social fabric of societies worldwide and surely is the most likely cause of the poverty in which many translanguagers live. Language education research thus needs to work at the level of recognition, as it already does, while also taking on redistribution issues.